Conferencing Solutions

Advanced Conferencing Solutions

Audio Conferencing

Looking to connect your business? Invite, discuss, and unite – it’s that easy

  • Talk in clear, high-quality audio
  • The toolbar for Outlook will populate your invite with all the meeting specifics such as the date, time and description before you send it out to meeting participants
  • The solution allows end users to communicate both locally and globally

Audio, Video, & Web Conferencing

Your all-in-one web, video, and audio conferencing solution.

  • Host and/or attend meetings with up to 125 people in a personalized and streamlined format
  • The toolbar for Outlook pre-populates your invite with all of your meeting details (date, time, description, etc.)
  • Productivity tools, like chat, meeting notes, and recording, keep everyone informed
  • A cloud-based file cabinet allows you to store, access and share files – anytime, anywhere
  • Share screens, pass control, share files, record your meetings, and more
  • Enjoy crystal-clear HD video and a full-stage screen for an optimal meeting experience
  • Includes free desktop and mobile apps for your iPhone, iPad, Android, or smart watch

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