When you know your customers, you’ll increase your business.

  • Combine social networking, marketing tools, data interrogation and location analytics for insight into real-time data
  • Create highly effective, personalized experience for your customers with real-time, real-location promotions
  • Insight into consumer behavior with demographic data in real-time
  • Targeted customer communications at the exact moment you want
  • Know your customer’s age, gender and any other relevant information
  • Personalization, social integrations and bandwidth control allows you to manage your Wi-Fi

Cloud Connect

Avoid having your cloud bound sensitive data being sent over the public Internet.

  • A private connection providing secure, easy access from your network to leading cloud providers
  • Stress free set-up with limitless data transfer
  • Cost savings includes reduced rates from top cloud providers
  • Experience up to 50% lower latency and reliable network performance

IP Business

Get all your telecom services from one source.

  • Enjoy our all-inclusive bundle for small and medium-sized businesses
  • Transition from traditional phone service to a complete communications solution with no money down
  • Experience end-to-end management and procurement
  • Includes all essential services: cloud voice service, wireless 4G backup, hardware, networking equipment, and Enterprise Total Care
  • Optional services include: Unified Communications, Managed Wi-Fi, and Enterprise Mobile service
  • Cloud-based model easily scales and offers sound disaster recovery

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