Typical SD-WAN Network implementation:

Make the internet work better.

  • Aggregate broadband Internet, 4G-LTE, and MPLS circuits with application-aware per-packet link steering and on-demand remediationAchieve optimal performance for demanding, real-time voice and video over any transport
  • Consolidate branch equipment into a single, cloud controlled branch device to reduce hardware costs and maintenance with app-based rules
  • Improve voice/video quality and assure the highest level application performance
  • Assure UC performance through real time QoS with 99% of VoIP calls delivered for an improved MOS score
  • Eliminate downtime with prioritized traffic and monitor path quality continuously at application level for optimized performance
  • Plug and play onsite equipment with streamline provisioning and automated policy management for all branch gateways driven by business rules through easy to use web portal
  • Gain visibility into usage capacity and network behaviors of end-users
  • Route traffic quickly via private gateways into cloud services like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and others

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